Monika Wäg

#14 Josephine

„From old to new“ …

Josephine has been stand­ing on her own two feet since 2015, after train­ing as a seam­stress by Mama Africa many years ago. Until the onset of the corona pan­dem­ic, she did­n’t need any sup­port and was even able to send her son to high school in Nairobi. But then everything changed: sud­denly the tour­ists stayed away and Josephine fought for the sur­viv­al of her busi­ness. She kept her­self afloat by sew­ing uni­forms for judges or table lin­en for the sur­round­ing hotels. With a small loan from Mama Afrika she could afford an over­lock sew­ing machine. Thus we were able to quickly help her and so Josephine could now not only take on more spe­cif­ic orders, but also rent out her over­lock machine to oth­er seam­stresses for a fee to gen­er­ate a small addi­tion­al income.

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