Our process

Sometimes it’s the essential details
that make success possible!

Georg Brand­ner
Monika Wäg


Before we accept someone into our 4‑step pro­cess, a series of inter­views must be held with each indi­vidu­al and a set list of ques­tions answered in detail, which we use not only to assess the status quo but also to already identi­fy train­ing needs.

The train­ing and fur­ther edu­ca­tion takes place in 4 stages, which dif­fer both in the scope of sup­port and in the extent of the train­ing to be com­pleted, depend­ing on the needs of the indi­vidu­al mem­bers. Only when all the require­ments of a level have been met can one advance to the next high­er level. At the end of level 4, the goal is for our mem­bers to own one or more eco­nom­ic­ally stable busi­nesses in Africa, most of which are on their own land.

  • Acquis­i­tion of a smartphone
  • Com­ple­tion of a two-month IT course
  • Joint devel­op­ment of the rules of cooperation
  • Busi­ness idea eval­u­ation & loc­a­tion analysis
  • Com­ple­tion of an internship
  • Open­ing a busi­ness and first steps as an entrepreneur
  • Build­ing up con­trolling know-how
  • Devel­op­ing social media marketing
  • Audit by an inde­pend­ent agency
  • Train­ing in lead­er­ship, law and busi­ness ethics
  • Ongo­ing coach­ing of members
  • Devel­op­ment of fur­ther busi­ness areas
  • Passing on the know­ledge acquired
  • Recruit­ing new Mama Africa members
  • Strategy devel­op­ment for the respect­ive companies
  • Tak­ing out health and social insurance
  • Act­ive con­tri­bu­tion to fundraising
  • Sus­tain­ab­il­ity training
  • Work-life bal­ance training