Permanent donation

In times of the pan­dem­ic, many more prob­lems have unfor­tu­nately been added to the ones people in Kenya and Ghana are strug­gling with: Ill­nesses pre­vent people from going to work, leav­ing entire fam­il­ies without income, the psy­cho­lo­gic­al bur­den has increased to such an extent that many single moth­ers in par­tic­u­lar are col­lapsing under the load, the ongo­ing drought in Kenya is des­troy­ing entire live­li­hoods, increas­ing unrest and acts of van­dal­ism in Kenya are lead­ing to heavy losses in the micro-enter­prises of our mem­bers… Help us with a per­man­ent dona­tion so that we can help pre­cisely and, above all, quickly when des­per­ate people simply can­not help themselves. 

You can make a per­man­ent dona­tion with a min­im­um amount of 10 euros per month. Thank you!