Georg Brand­ner
Vice Chair­wo­man

#40 Riziki

Urgent spinal surgery

Riz­iki is a power woman and until now was con­sidered indes­truct­ible. How­ever, after being aban­doned by both her hus­band and her broth­er, she has been strug­gling with health prob­lems for some time, which have been exacer­bated by the effects of the Corona pan­dem­ic. With the loss of tour­ism, her fruit juice, ice cream and fish busi­nesses com­pletely collapsed.

Her scoot­er taxi busi­ness is also going through a dif­fi­cult peri­od. For Riz­iki, how­ever, this is no reas­on to give up. When things don’t work out with the old busi­nesses, she finds anoth­er idea to con­tin­ue to provide for her three chil­dren and send them to school. Dur­ing the pan­dem­ic, she star­ted to run a small farm with fruit and veget­ables. But then the back pain star­ted and increased so much that she could neither work nor sleep, until now she can­not move at all …

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Fin­an­cial requirements:spin­al sur­gery at The Mom­basa Hos­pit­al and sub­sequent rehab­il­it­a­tion sub­sequent rehab­il­it­a­tion approx. 5,000 Euros